Hotel Sebastopol

The proposed project at 6828 Depot Street will be a small, design-oriented boutique hotel with 66 rooms. The hotel will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. The Hotel will also include a lobby and reception area, retail, artist/maker studios, restaurant, bar, lounge, wellness center, public courtyard, private gardens, outdoor rooftop decks, meeting rooms, and other hotel amenties. There will be a total of 122 parking spaces for the project, including 30 on-street and 92 located on an adjacent parcel across Brown Street.

Designed using feedback from the community, the buildings will be FSC redwood siding and vertical slats, carbonized redwood siding, textured concrete, a light-colored species wood siding, weathered steel panels, and covered in vine planting. The materials reference the local natural palate and rely on naturally sustainable materials.

The massing of the buildings is broken up to match the smaller scale of the surrounding buildings and context. This provides a finer grain that matches that of the town. The highest portion of the building is positioned across from the tallest adjacent building, the Rialto cinema, and then steps down two stories towards the south corner to adjust to the height of the neighboring building and allow more sunlight into the public courtyard.

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May 2019

We recently resubmitted our building plans to the City after incorporating all feedback received to date from various City departments. The City will now review our plans as we move towards securing a final building permit. We hope to secure this permit in the coming months and will go out to bid the construction contract once we have received final City sign-off. Currently, construction is planned to commence in the early Fall. Many have asked how our site fared after the recent flooding east of our project. The site was not impacted at all, though as a result of the flood we asked our engineers to review the flood data and our site plan. They confirmed we are well located and have a good design program to off-set any impacts of future flood events to the 100 year flood line and beyond. Our hearts go out to the businesses and residents affected by this winter’s floods.

September 2018

We have now officially filed our construction documents with the City of Sebastopol which begins the process of City review. We hope to secure our construction permit within four to six months and plan to begin construction, weather permitting, shortly thereafter. We’ve also further defined our sustainability program, and now plan to fully embrace Sebastopol’s commitment to environmental stewardship by aiming to achieve both LEED certification and zero net energy (ZNE) status. In other words, all energy needed for operations will be produced on site. To achieve this, plans now include an array of solar panels on our roof and over our parking area, as well as a slew of energy efficiency measures. Hotel Sebastopol will be the very first zero net energy hotel in the state of California!

February 2018

Our team completed our 100% Design Development documents which broadly define and describe all important aspects of the project. We have now begun our detailed construction documents, preliminary versions of which will be submitted to the City for review come Spring. We've begun interior design work for all project uses, including the restaurant, wellness center, lobby/co-working space, and hotel rooms. We also asked local photographer Rob Schied to document the artwork installed along our temporary fencing by Sebastopol street artist Ronald. While we regret having to remove the artwork for safety reasons, we've displayed photos of the work on our website below.

November 2017

Our team has been busy finalizing interior layouts and programing in the hotel, wellnesss, and restaurant buildings. We've been fine tuning the design of our courtyard and roof-deck areas, and updating our landscape program to include more plantings that require less watering and more native species. We've also been working closely with the City to ensure our ultimate submission for a building permit meets all requirements upon submission. With the aid of consultants, we are crafting our sustainability program. Our ultimate goal is LEED Gold or Platinum certification. We are also exploring ideas for interim uses of our lot. If you have any ideas, please contact us!

January 2016

Review notes from the second community workshop held January, 2016.

Jan 2016 Notes

September 2015

Review notes from the first community workshop held September, 2015.

Sept 2015 Notes

Street Art

Sebastopol street artist Roland adorned the Hotel Sebastopol site fencing with various materials over the summer of 2017 presenting a vivid display of words, characters and patterns. The wind sheer combined with the art created an unstable fence, so we have needed to removed the art from most of the fencing. We asked local photographer Rob Schied to capture images of this work before we removed the work.



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